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What is more beautiful than the color of a hardy perennial garden with the bright colors of annual plantings?

Do you want beautiful gardens surrounding your home? Are you, like many people, intimidated by garden design to ensure the right mixture of annual and perennial plantings; well planned heights for plantings, etc.?  You are not alone.  Nothing intimidates a gardener more than garden design - that is unless you are highly knowledgeable and know the region and what will thrive best in this area.  Great garden design takes experience. John Yockey designs captivating combinations of plants, trees and shrubs.

John Yockey of Green Wave is a landscaper that has a horticultural degree putting you in trustworthy hands for your overall yard planting plan and individual gardens be they perennial, annual, trees, shrubbery etc. John has the ideas you are looking for to take it step-by-step and creating a foundation to build upon without anxiety!


Gardens are meant to be viewed. 

Why take up the bulk of your time trying to do this on your own?

At some point, every garden starts to look a bit overgrown. Making over a garden is necessary when the garden becomes overgrown or when site conditions, like lighting, change as trees and shrubbery grow. Green Wave will work to assess what you can do to capitalize on what you already have, or start from scratch.

A garden is a work in progress that should get better every year. Once your plan is designed and planted, you can continue to have the knowledgeable expertise of Green Wave Landscaping to assist with any desired maintenance to keep the garden fresh and beautiful year after year.


Using Large Plants as a Focal Point in the Garden Design

Well planned garden beds need a focal point and large, dramatic plants fit nicely and get better each year. Only one can make an impact and take center stage.  Using several can be an eye-catching hedge.  Shade gardens are frequently planned with texture and cool colors. But, there are options of some shade plants that will brighten a shady spot.  The experts at Green Wave Landscaping know what sort of plantings will work best in your environment.

Tree Planting

Choosing a tree needs to be a well thought out process. Tree planting can be a significant investment.  Proper selection will provide years of beauty as well as significant increase the value of your property. The selection of trees to plant needs to be part of the overall garden plan.  We will help you determine if fast growing tall trees, dense shorter trees, or evergreens are best for the desired outcome. 

Evergreens are wonderfully used for hedges and privacy. But placement is essential to consider. An evergreen planted on the wrong side may block winter sun or provide too much shade for a flower garden.


Site Location

It is important to take into consideration the size and height of the matured tree.  Knowing the maturity size to expect and root growth will determine planting locations. This is essential to ensure it will not be too near to your house, or will it ultimately obstruct your driveway, sidewalk, or grow into your neighbors space. 

Will it cause issues for buried or overhead utilities?  Trees come in many varieties. Knowing how tall the trees will be a maturity and planning for the available space around your home is essential to avoiding a dense overgrown look in the years to come.

Green Wave Landscaping knows how to select a tree, how best to plant the tree, and how to properly prune a young tree or large limb.  Naturally, your best interests will be taken into consideration.

What Purpose is the Tree to Serve?

  • Ornamental
  • Attractive Fruits, Nuts, or Seeds
  • Reliable Fall Color
  • Screening of Sights and Sounds
  • Shade and Energy Conservation
  • Showy or Fragrant Flowers
  • Wildlife Habitat

Planting trees properly will help ensure its survival.  The most common mistake when planting a tree is digging the hole that is both too deep and to narrow.  Another common detriment is planting in poorly drained clay soil.

Avoid these common issues with the experience and knowledge of Green Wave Landscaping. 


Planting trees and shrubs require close care especially when initially planted.  Knowing how to properly prune shrubbery and trees will ensure their health and beauty. 

A properly planted and maintained tree or shrub will grow faster and live longer. Plantings must be watched carefully for the first year or so. This is true especially after a particularly hot, dry, or heavy snow season.

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